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R Kelly disowns brother over bisexual claims

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Reader comments

  1. i must say that all the people setting all the lies against robert kelly should stop it, have they not better things to do in life than talk about someone else? because he is am very glad that he has pleaded innocent and that is what people like me want to hear. he should keep on doing his work and he can also make the world a better place because he is my idol and he has inspired in some part of my life.thanks

  2. Carole Lewis 29 Jul 2008, 2:11pm

    Who Jah bless no man curse. All the underprivileged,narrow minded,good for nothing,scum of the earth including R.Kelly’s brother get off my boy’s back and leave him to prosper.The more you all fight against him, the more Jah is going to bless him and with number 1 fans like the I who keeps praying for him, ain’t no way Jah is going to let you little bad minded baldhead, come and crucify the dread. Robert, my message to you is to hold the faith and never give up, they are millions of people like the I who are and will always be behind you. My prayers are always with you. Peace and Love, Jah Rastafari.

  3. Peopel kill me defending a man they dont know. i know him personally and ive worked for him. ive seen his sickness first had and just because he make some hitz people turn their heads to what going on. this has been going on for 15 years and yes he got away with it this time but until he gets the help he needs he’ll do it again. i you people only knew the real r kell. smh!

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