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Gay groups voice concern over Bulger killer’s outing

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Reader comments

  1. jenny hynes 27 Mar 2006, 3:44pm

    It is totally irrelevant what his sexual orientation is, I agree. I’ve not read any articles or reports (I don’t read the national tabloids), but this is non-news as far as I am concerned. And as far as other people I know are concerned, it will be non-news to. Gay people end up in prison, gay people commit crimes, fact of life. Because Thompson’s crime was so sensational, of course the media are going to focus on his lfie now if they can. If he isn’t gay, they will find something else I’m sure.

  2. I don’t think the reason The Sun and Daily Mail are writing the article because Thompson is gay. Murder is murder not matter who you are, but maybe it was written because of the sexual torture that was inflicted on James Bulger before Robert and Jon killed him. Besides who’s to say anything written nowadays about Robert or Jon is true. Was it not just a few months ago written that Robert Thompson has become a father? The media will fabricate anything to get a good story, but how much is truly based on facts we really will never know.

  3. I’m disappointed that Pink News reporters resort to red-top phraseology like homosexual lover and gay lover.

  4. Agreed, Rehan. I think now Venables has returned to prison it will put a spotlight on Thompson too, which is unfair since he as to all accounts led a trouble-fee life thus far. Unable to say Thompson may be ‘gay’, the tattler press has to resort to telling us he lives with a ‘gay lover’ as if the partner has somehow seduced him. Weird phraseology that. The tabs use it all the time.

  5. Child rights 7 Mar 2010, 6:24pm

    And what is this weird writing: “spokesmen” were not available. Is pinknews using tabloid hacks as stringers? Please ask someone who know the subject to write these kinds of articles.

  6. If it were the case he turned gay because he sent too much time in an all-male environment how does that support the evidence according to his assigned prison worker he had a girlfriend in the youth offenders unit? Or is it a case of The Sun et al putting a slant on it that they would like it to be. I know what my money would be on!

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