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White House policy reform called “covert war” on gay people

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  1. Joanna Clark 10 Jul 2006, 9:24pm

    If the Latter Day Saints want proof of how ineffective psychotherapy is in “curing” homosexuality, all they need to do is hook one of their “cured” patients up to a pulse-volume plethysmography system to measure penile blood pressure, then let the individual look at hetero- and homo-erotic photos. All the psychotherapy in the world is not going to change one’s biologically-ordained sexual orientation.

  2. The Mormon heirarchy will fight this one tooth and nail. If scientists were to proove that homosexuality is an integral part of human nature, it would in effect disprove vital roots of Mormon theology. Namely, that their Prophet(s) is/were guided directly by God, and cannot be wrong on such an important (and publicly visible) issue.Add that to the embarrasment of their former “blacks can’t hold the preisthood” policy, and their followers might start thinking for themselves.Well, those that can handle not having their life planned out for them by someone else. *sigh*

  3. Micheal Layne 30 Jul 2006, 6:49am

    Since when did the Salt Lake Tribune start caring about the Mormon church? They publish articles all the time that put the mormons in a negative light.You know there are a lot of African-Americans in DC. I’ll bet the NAACP runs the Washington Post.

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