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No time for minor crimes unless they are homophobic, Police Chief admits

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Reader comments

  1. Hayden, Florida USA 23 Feb 2006, 5:24pm

    “The study blames masculine culture for non acceptance of lesbian and gay officers.”“Masculine culture” is to blame? I hope the study was misquoted. Otherwise the study uses a misnomer at best or neo-feminists, anti-male misinformation at worst. There is a huge difference between “masculine” and “macho” or “machismo”. As a proud and unapologetic masculine gay man, I take great offense at the suggestion that “masculine” culture is to blame for bigotry and bullying. There is nothing masculine about oppressing a minority or bullying a person who is perceived to be weak or vulnerable. In fact many masculine men pride themselves on protecting those that they perceive to be vulnerable (ie women and children). It’s very different from “macho” where the perceived “stronger” dominates, oppresses, humiliates and bullies the perceived “weaker” or more vulnerable. Let’s stop the vilification of all things masculine. This misrepresentation and misinformation does not well serve the groups being bullied. Additionally, it does not address the fact that women are very often the perpetrators of harassment against gays and lesbians. Let’s call a spade a spade and drop the “man/masculine = evil/villain/perpetrator”, and “woman/feminine = good/innocent/victim”. These misperceptions distract from the facts and are contrary to true feminists’ ideology. Misrepresenting and demonizing masculinity, and men, does not advance gay rights any more than it advances women’s rights and we do a disservice to everyone when we fail to call these misstatements out.

  2. Reading this article makes me regret my recent application to the PSNI. Goodness knows what kind of treatment I could look forward to from my colleagues.

  3. Terrifying. I hope I don’t need to call the police for a ‘minor’ crime – if I do I would be tempted to say it was a hate crime, even if it wasn’t…

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