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First gay club registered in India

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Reader comments

  1. It is SOOO amazing to be reading blogs and articles online related to Gay issues in India. I think people need to understand that GAY means Gay male and Gay female. It does NOT concern only males. So people should acknowledge it and understand that if they are fighting or even discussing GAY rights, it INCLUDES lesbians too. I can’t wait to get back to India and see what all is going on in Delhi for gay rights. Maybe I will be given a chance to work for it. By the way I’m gay (lesbian) and it was such a pleasure going through your article. Seemingly South India is taking so many actions for gay rights and in their concern (through magazines societies), and so are North Eastern states (recently heard about Nepal), but North India, particularly Delhi does not seem to be doing anything for it. At least not openly! I’m looking forward to seeing some progress in that area, else I’ll try my best when I get back! Thank you for such effortful work and articles.

  2. ravi chaurasia 6 Sep 2008, 1:12pm

    i like very much gay

  3. I am gay & I want your help.

  4. jimmi dsouza 16 Jan 2009, 8:50pm

    well i am a designer and a student too. i am doing a research on gays psycology. i have no intension to hurt anyones felling.if i can get some knowledge about would be greatful.

  5. jimmi dsouza 16 Jan 2009, 8:51pm

    pls help…thank u

  6. I am so proud of your bravery in such a prejudiced nation about gay/lesbian rights. Your job is phenomenal and what you do is highly commendable. Congratulations…and good wishes always.

  7. Very much happy to c Gay club in Chennai, Develop this to the peak, Lets all gays unite and bring gay club a great great success.
    I am very much interested to join this club,
    Please let me know how to join
    Please reply to my mail ID

  8. India all set to legalize homosexuality - Pakistan Defence Forum 28 Jun 2009, 9:27pm

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  9. Marco Cardoso (Brazil) 17 Jul 2009, 2:56am

    I am so happy and proud to see that we can find people with brave attitudes to fight for a sexual freedom. More than this, this is the meaning of a public image changing in Asia and example for the rest of the world. My greetings from Brazil where India is on the soup opera television and how beautiful the culture is. Any assistances needed, please keep in touch.

    1. How to contact this gay community. Pls help

  10. i want join your club where is this club in chennai

  11. i love gays

  12. How to contact this gay community. where is it located. Pls help.

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