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Bird Flu: God’s punishment for gay marriage – Rabbi claims

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  1. Im sorry but i am an ‘A’ english student and i noticed that you spelt legalise and it should be Legalizejust an uses British English spelling

  2. So this idiot rabbi thinks that bird flue is due to gays?These (you know what) xxxxheads remind me of the middle ages when the Catholic church claimed that disease was God’s punishment. Of course that church stopped learning/ education for the whole of the 1000 year dark ages. And murdered 50 million Muslims during the crusade, no wonder they find it so easy to hate us.When Jews, (and yes I am one, though I am becoming a Jew who supports the palestinians), victims of pograms – murderous riots for centuries, and ultimately the great pogrom- the Holocaust, show their total ignorance and hate toward the gay people whose ashes, comingled with the Jews ashes,shared Hitlers smokestacks, there is no excuse. Until Israel de-balls these lunatics politically, why should the US foreign policy be hostage to Israel, and its right wing who smell the same as the soldiers of the Third Reich.Religious fundamentalism is the worlds #1 problem, and it is amazing that the Jews can’t see common cause with the Gays in their battles for civil rights.Of course we’re talking about the Orthodox / UltraOrthodox Haredi, whom I told my son’s mother in law “they belong in the same hole in the ground with Arafat. To hell with them” Had a problem afterwards – putting her popped out eyeballs back in her head.Allah Akhbar on them.

  3. Robert, ex pat Brit 15 Sep 2007, 1:13pm

    To: Just an informant….when I was a school boy growing up in England we would read American novels. Our teacher at the time explained the difference in certain spellings but never said they were incorrect but moreover were about different usage and were not incorrect. Noah Webster, your American English dictionary compiler was responsible for deliberately changing the spelling of certain English words to disassociate American usage from the original English. Both types of usage are correct.To: SteveMD2…..Steve, your argument is well taken. Its the same one that American people of African descent use in the gay struggle for equality. They (hetero black Americans) are offended that we equate ours with theirs and their contention is that ours is not the same because we can hide who we were and our, whereas people of colour/color can’t. They say nothing however of black gays and their struggle, as if they didn’t or never existed. African Americans as they are often called are some of the most homophobic of all and among the most religiously bigoted. It gets back to the same old addage, homophobia, nothing more and homophobia = bigotry. Heteros have and always will have a monopoly on that unfortunately, they’ve not evolved much as we have.Robert, ex-pat Brit.

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