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US politician says Elton John should be executed

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Reader comments

  1. Jesus Christ people, this man is not a “Democratic candidate for US Congress”. He’s a fucking truck driver! Any crank can file the papers to run for public office. Describing him as a “US Politician” would be like describing David Irving as a “UK Historian”. He’s not. He’s a holocaust-denying pseudo-historian. This wanker is probably quite sure that the CIA is talking to him through his teeth feelings. Way to conflate fake and real news. Like we need more of that.

  2. Geez we already have two guys in office playing God do we really need a third,,,this guy just lost his campaign in my eyes what jerk

  3. Merril Keiser is bullshitting and must be condemned instead for his naive conversation.

  4. Why should he be worryinng about other people they are who they are and there happy together that all that matters is that people are happy.

  5. Lare in Aloha 29 Mar 2006, 10:12pm

    How would he feel if one of us took a couple of “near miss” pot shots at him for being a pretentious asshole? How do bigots like this survive so long in the modern world?

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