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Czech gays given marriage rights

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Reader comments

  1. Why do you say things that you know are not true? Why do you claim that Czechs are being given marriage rights? Czechs aren’t being given crap. They can now visit each other in the hospital (big deal), they now have the right to be financially responsible for their partner and their partner’s debts (but they get no tax or social security benefits), they can now raise children (they always could) but cannot adopt (they never could). So the only big difference is that the government can now hold gay couples responsible for each other financially, removing a burden from the government but without having to give them ANY financial benefits. I can’t imagine why any government agent would have voted against that. It’s win/win for the government and a lose/lose for gay couples. I also can’t understand why gay people think it is such a victory to get new legal responsiblities without recieveing ANY corresponding new benefits. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!