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Public schools to welcome gay rights

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Reader comments

  1. What a load of crap. How much time, money and energy was put into this sham? After all of this “effort” they came to the conclusion that everyone has a right to their own beliefs. Gays have a right to believe that they are not shameful, abhorent, evil, manifestations that are a threat to all things good while religious people have a right to believe that gays choose their “lifestyle” and are bigots who hate religious freedom and are a threat to America, family, children and God. Wow, that is really profound. I don’t know what we would do without their wisdom. So now what? What exactly is this “study” and its conclusions going to achieve? It sounds to me that it was heavily weighted toward religious freedom and ways that gays should stop oppressing “Christians”. Maybe they could do a study to show how blacks should stop oppressing whites that are racists. This seems to be the latest trend in American opinion as it concerns gay/straight relations. I see more and more evidence that there is a growing trend to claim that gays should stop beating up and oppressing Christians and straights. That gays should apologize for asking for so much and causing so much tension in mainstream America. That gays should stop making straights feel guilty for homophobia and should instead feel guilty that gays don’t appreciate and validate these homophobic feelings and expressions. I saw an episode of MTV’s “The Real World” where the gay guy apologized to the straight guys for expecting them to respect him and where another housemate convinced him that he should be ashamed of himself for expecting so much from them and for not understanding them. Maybe blacks should apologize to the KKK for causing them discomfort. Maybe Jews should apologize to Germany for causing them such shame over Nazi Germany. Maybe every minority should apologize to their majority masters for oppressing them.