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Indian gays overcoming taboos

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  1. vaishaliraj 11 Jan 2006, 12:12pm

    Another shameful act of arresting innocent ppl and victimaisation. Another act of intruding ones basic rights. As u urself said they have not been charged with the act even…and is just talking about it is a crime…..though even that is not proven.Arrested on false grounds……attaching a clip…..Reports Human Rights Watch has received from an attorney connected to the case indicate that undercover police agents, logging on to the website and pretending to be gay men, in fact entrapped one of the victims into meeting, then arrested him. In custody, he was threatened until he agreed to call several acquaintances and arrange a meeting in person, at which the police arrested them as well. It was just a trap that was laid and innocent ppl were caught. Can u act now……..before its too late??.

  2. Horrible acts by the police. Lets act now and change the law. It is not that hard, join the petition on http://www.GayDate.inIt is beginning to make an impact on the government!

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