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14 March 2006

  • 14th March 2006

    Gay Austrian faces deportation over African porn films 1

    It is believed that there are several people conducting similar activities in Ghana, where homosexual sex is illegal

    12:00 AM — A gay Austrian is facing deportation from Ghana after immigration officials arrested him for homosexual acts.Officials say he was apprehended with a Nigerian partner in the capital city of Accra and accused of using young unemployed men for pornographic films and falsely promising them European visas.

  • Church thanks gay bishop for facing alcohol issues 5

    Mr Robinson is the Episcopal Church's first openly gay bishop, last month he revealed he was being treated for alcohol addiction

    12:00 AM — Portsmouth parishioners have thanked Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson for publicly admitting to his alcohol problems.The bishop was praised after delivering a sermon at St. John's Episcopal Church in Portsmouth, on saving the soul.He told the Associated Press, "It feels like a homecoming, people are always friendly here, but they are unusually warm today."

  • Gay issues have not harmed Australian church

    Debate on the ordination of homosexual ministers to the church reached a peak in Australia between 1996 and 2001

    12:00 AM — Arguments over gay ministers have not damaged the Uniting church in Australia, according to new figures on church membership.The National Church Life Survey, which conducts research on connecting the church and the wider community, revealed that church congregations reduced more from the death of elderly members than any other factor.

  • Kidney transplant shows positives of gay relationships

    Bill Mokeler donated his kidney to Paul Sagon on Valentines Day to help him come off a dialysis machine

    12:00 AM — The US has reportedly completed its first successful husband to husband organ transplant in Massachusetts, in what is seen as a blow to anti gay marriage views.Bill Mokeler donated his kidney to Paul Sagon on Valentines Day to help him come off a dialysis machine, it has now been revealed that he is recovering nicely.

  • Gay son “murdered parents”

    It was originally believed the attack was a robbery gone wrong as cash and valuables were missing

    12:00 AM — A man accused of killing his parents had caused a fatal divide in his family because he is gay.Ryan Johnson, told police he was out drinking with friends when his parents, Terence and Josephine Johnson, were tied up, strangled and stabbed to death, he is currently being held in custody on preliminary charges.

  • Gay trips offered to Brokeback Mountain

    Brokeback Mountain won Oscars for best director, best adapted screenplay and best original score

    12:00 AM — Tour operators are riding on the success of Oscar award winning gay cowboy movie Brokeback Mountain by offering trips to the scenic setting of the romance.A Taiwanese travel agency has become the first to offer holidays to Fort Macleod in Southern Alberta, Canada, which was passed off as Wyoming in the film.

  • Trans woman blasts “homophobic” election campaign

    The claims come after Australia celebrated gay pride last week

    12:00 AM — An Australian transgender woman is seeking an injunction to stop election adverts which she believes encourage homophobia.Martine Delaney will file two complaints with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Commission, asking for an end to a campaign by the Liberal Party that states sex changes and gay marriage are bad for society.

  • Gay campaigner denies Zimbabwe coup

    The government claims that the ZFM is affiliated to opposition party, Movement for Democratic Change

    12:00 AM — The Zimbabwe government has accused British gay rights activist Peter Tatchell of an alleged coup in the country.Weapons were shown on Zimbabwean television claiming to have been seized at the home of one of the plotters from the Zimbabwean Freedom Movement, which Mr Tatchell has previously been linked with.

  • Rape claims in gay sauna

    Police thanked staff at the sauna for their co-operation and encouraged witnesses to contact them in confidence

    12:00 AM — A man is claiming to have been raped in a gay sauna, according to police.Detectives are investigating the allegation which an 18 year old said took place inside the Pleasuredrome in Waterloo.He says he was attacked last Sunday by an older man inside the 24 hour establishment, which promotes itself as the best sauna for gay and bisexual men.

  • Gay group finds God

    The place of homosexuality in Christianity has been a hot issue over recent years

    12:00 AM — America's oldest gay rights group has announced plans for a partnership with Protestant congregations, in a move which leaders say will be their biggest challenge yet.The move by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, is an unprecedented joining of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) groups with secular and faith-based organisations. Their work with the Institute for Welcoming Resources is aimed at increasing the number of people of faith supporting equality for LGBT people.

  • Gay pride rising in Pakistan 2

    Gay groups say their communities are thriving with subtle acceptance from society

    12:00 AM — Young gay Pakistanis are determined to celebrate their sexuality despite prohibitions on homosexuality, it has been revealed.The historic Basant festival, which took place in Lahore last weekend, attracted revellers from a variety of communities and just days after President Pervez Musharraf boasted of empowering minorities, gay revellers proudly joined in with the celebrations.

  • Gay pride and football prejudice

    The FA 's Simon Johnson spells out a crackdown on homophobia in football

    12:00 AM — PinkNews.co.uk ExclusiveAs Ashley Cole files his lawsuit over "gay orgy" allegations, the Football Association's director of Corporate Affairs, Simon Johnson tells PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman, how English football is leading the fight against homophobia and discrimination.When you walk into the FA head office in trendy Soho Square, you are greeted with the three lions roaring with pride as plasma screens blast out the latest sports news alongside pictures of top English stars. A cabinet shows off sparkling trophies that professional football players sweat and strive for each week.

  • Protests after school stops gays sharing rooms

    The university says it recognises gay issues and has a gay and lesbian group on campus

    12:00 AM — Staff and students at an American university are protesting a policy that stops unmarried couples staying together on school trips.The University of St. Thomas in Minnesota enforced the rule last year when a lesbian choir member wanted to bring her partner on a school trip to France, and later when a long term couple were asked to rent separate rooms on an excursion to Australia.

  • Anti gay groups urge Ford boycott

    has previously faced protest from the AFA but avoided a boycott after removing the adverts in question, although the company insisted the move was not due to the AFA threats

    12:00 AM — US conservatives groups are enforcing a boycott of car manufacturer Ford because of the company's support for gays and lesbians.The American Family Association, is encouraging car buyers to avoid buying Ford vehicles for a year because they believe the carmakers have not "remained neutral in the cultural battles."

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