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Brokeback kiss ranked second sexiest movie moment

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Reader comments

  1. Elai Laurence- Garcia 31 Mar 2006, 1:37pm

    With all due respect to Sir Ian, whom I admire immensely, should young Jake Gyllenhaal be criticized for speaking honestly? Aren’t we in favor of people being who they really are? After all, he didn’t say that he didn’t enjoy kissing Heath Ledger. I would wager Jake G. meant no offense to GLBT communities. Nor, is it inconceivable that members of those same communities weren’t ‘terrified’ when it came down to that first kiss. Youth being what it is. Inexperienced. Let us remember how Mr Gyllenhaal raised the bar, cinematically, with his performance in Brokeback. Together with Heath Ledger, he made love between two men look as manly and natural as it really is. Indeed. And for all the world to see.

  2. adrian brooks 31 Mar 2006, 2:22pm

    How easy for Ian McKellen to take this line. And how hypocritical. How old was he when he came out? Fifty? Fifty-five? Was he ever in danger of losing his career because of his sexual preference? Never. The male stars of Brokeback Mountain took a real risk. Playing gay ruined the film career of Harry Hamilin when he made ‘Making Love.’ In interview after interview, Jake Gyllenhaal acknowledged the love scenes were new for him, and a bit strange but that he’d grown up with gay godparents and, like every other straight man, went through a period of adolescent sexual confusion. That is to be applauded, not condemened. Finally, the important thing is that he gave the role his all and helped to create a magnificent film. Easy for those who never took such a risk to carp but where was Ian McKellen in the 60’s and the 70’s when revolutionary gay people were coming out? In the closet.

  3. What a ridiculous state of affairs. I have lost all respect for this ‘Knight Out’.

  4. I completely disagree with you all, and I think it’s sad that just because you all fancy Jake Gyllenhaal you feel the need to fervently defend him against Sir Ian’s very valid points, which I support completely. I’m sick to death of 21st century straight men feeling the need to vehemently declare they are not gay all the time, because to be gay is the most vile, shameful and abominable thing to be, and that’s what Jake and Heath have done. They want all the kudos for being such progressive Hollywood actors who dared to portray gay lovers on the silver screen, but they can’t bear the thought of anyone thinking they might be gay in real life, so they describe their love scenes together as “difficult”, “unnatural” and “unpleasant”, to reassure everyone they’re not ‘queers’ for real! Many straight actors have played gay roles before, and have never felt the need to make such clear declaration of the repulsion they may or may not have felt kissing another man! Similarly, many gay actors have to kiss women when playing straight roles, and you never hear them complaining about how unnatural or revolting it was to kiss a woman!I am shocked to see that nobody else (especially other gay men!!) can’t see the point Ian McKellen is making. I think the day when nobody makes an issue of the fact that a movie features a gay couple (including the actors starring in it!!) and it is treated as the norm is the day when a TRUE landmark has been reached for gay rights and social acceptance!

  5. I’m afraid I absolutely agree with the remarks of Adrian Brooks and Elai Laurence-Garcia. I too am a fan of Ian McKellen’s…but not this time round. I find his remarks arrogant and actually pretty sad. I don’t fancy Jake..or Heath for that matter but I thought their portrayals of Ennis and Jack in Brokeback were wonderful and their performances showed none of the apprehension they’ve spoken about since making this movie…which by the way I think they have talked about in a mature and dignified manner.Lets face it…how typical that straight actors playing gay figures should be lambasted by their gay counterparts in such a way….unfortunately this seems to be the way of the ‘long suffering’ gay community. Please just stop it! The ‘chip’ is on your shoulders and not those of your heterosexual friends.

  6. i think that is stupid.Ok so jake is scared of kissing heath, becuase hes straight,not beacuase his homofobic!

  7. Ian Mc Kellen is right. He said the right thing. Immagine if those 2 men are gay and saying that a purpuse.

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