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Keanu Reeves brushes off gay rumours

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  1. Reeves’ stance of not continuing to deny the rumor that has haunted him for fifteen years, since he made My Own Private Idaho, can be attributed to his mind-set of not offending or ostracizing his gay fans, or gay people in general. “There’s nothing wrong with being gay,” Keanu Reeves told Vanity Fair in 1995, “so to deny it is to make a judgment. And why make a big deal of it?”David Geffen maintains that the rumor about his “marriage” to Keanu was started up not by gays out to appropriate Reeves for their own but by somebody simply “out to hurt Keanu.” Geffen further asserts that some rumors that falsely portray straight men as gay can be attributed to women scorned. “I think these stories reflect frustration on the part of some women who simply do not get the response they want from these men,” he says. “It could be that the men are not interested, or they may be involved with someone else–but it’s easier for them to label the men as gay.” The final and most pervasive agenda that fuels same-sex speculation is our ridiculously prurient society’s unprecedented demand for gossip. The gay visibility boom is coinciding with the other information boom, and the two are feeding off each other. “Look, there’s always been a palpable growth of gossip as an industry,” says Geffen. “There’s now a big, huge investment in stories. There are a million gossip columns in New York. There’s the E! channel. Gossip is in the air more, and people are responding to it.”In an interview in Burst! Films (Aus), also in August 1995 , apparently Reeves was sufficiently tired of being asked about the rumor. Reporter Paul Fischer says this in his interview: “OK, so let’s get the gay thing out of the way. Fixating me with those piercing eyes, he reiterates what he said in Vanity Fair. ‘Look, basically, my sex life is nobody’s business, and I’d simply prefer it if you didn’t ask me about it.’ But when pressed, he does an O.J. Simpson, declaring that ‘I am not gay nor am I married to David Geffen.’ End of story.”He is right – it’s really nobody’s business, is it?

  2. Ryan Joseph 4 May 2008, 11:05pm

    please tell me if he is gay and where too write him

  3. Ryan Joseph 4 May 2008, 11:10pm

    please let me know if keanu reeves is gay

  4. leave him alone. who cares, your not going to meet him anyways stop obsessing.

  5. TheSuburbanBi 11 Jan 2011, 10:30am

    Ditto what bob said.

  6. Mihangel apYrs 11 Jan 2011, 2:53pm

    Reeves was and remains a very handsome man with that “not in your face” manner that could be thought of as gay.

    His attitude to sexuality is “so what”, he’s a good ally, despite those who want to explore his underwear

    1. I didn’t know all gays have a ”in your face” mannerism? You are guilty of stereotyping. You would be surprised to find out who some of the great handsome and debonair actors of the past and today are who happen to be gay. Maybe Keeanu is confused about his sexuality because he doesn’t see himself fitting the stereotypes straight people set for gay.

      Gays come in all size, form and shape. Not all gays wear pink.

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