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Friends claim Luther Vandross was gay

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Reader comments

  1. theo smith 6 Apr 2006, 11:07pm

    I wish everyone would mind their own business and respect Mr. Vandross privacy. As he said in an interview, its nobodys business but his own. Let the great man rest in peace. He has left us all with a wonderfull legacy, lets just remember him for those exceptional songs (second to none).

  2. Richard Eko 25 Apr 2008, 3:34pm

    Well i think, examples are always better than,experiences.America is moving into a period of Apostacy,what they stood for as a Nation ,and what brought them into the lame of the community of nations,is the same values they are going against.Homosexuality is simply a problem,cause from the begining it was not so.The spirit of it does’nt matter has eaten into that nation that why its going down everyday.Only fools think ther is not a God some where.Say what ever you may,a strong wind is blowing thru that country and t will definitely knock every fasle thing down,no economic briliance,or technoology will work for long,remember i said so.A word is enough for the wise.

  3. Oliver P Camford 27 Apr 2008, 7:09am

    ‘fasle’, Mr. Eko? I think not! But facile you certainly are.

  4. Richard Eko 28 Apr 2008, 2:11pm

    Well ther is one thing God gave all ,those who know him and those who dont.A choice.Oliver its a free world.Being gay is definitely not right and i have not apologies.Its not in built and not natural.Check history and be frank of the origin.But there is a way out if want to know,”IF” just tell get across to me and we will talk.Everybody has issues,so being gay is not an exception,so dont sweat it.There is a way I say ther a way.

  5. amina reid 19 Jun 2008, 6:03pm

    i dislike all of the people that say luther vandross is gay that is a lie you all should be ashame of you self

  6. Happy Birthday Luther « 20 Apr 2011, 6:32pm

    […] just as unimportant, It’s not mentioned on his fan page nor his wiki page, but Luther was a closet homosexual. I don’t really know when or how I knew this (I probably just assumed)), because Vandross […]

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