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Little Britain to register gay catchphrases

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Reader comments

  1. Gavin Pomfret 21 Nov 2005, 7:41pm

    You can book littlerbritain Daffyd or Emily Howard for your party to meet greet or entertain your guests

  2. Saving that picture…. I hope he stays single for the rest of his life. Lisa Snowdon gets all the good ones.

  3. Gavin Pomfret 9 Mar 2006, 8:34pm

    we would love to do some shows in australia does anyone want to help promote in

  4. David wishes he was gay? I would like to help him make his wish come true. Promise, I’ll try very hard!Does anyone have his home address so that I can stalk him?

  5. I love him and I want him to stay straight, so I can make him faling in love with me xD*I am a dreamer* I am sorry… but every woman loves him, so why does he want to be gay? he’s so cute and sexy… he could have every woman :P

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