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Lowri Turner criticised by Welsh Assembly over gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. she has such a sexy, sweaty big arse

  2. Do you think she would have dared to say that black people would not make good political leaders? Im sure she would rather have cut her own throat.

  3. unoriginal 6 Mar 2006, 4:12pm

    I saw this on another board, I agree entirely:-Her arse is far more offensive than what she wrote in her column. With her yoyo-weight problem she should decide ‘Am i gonna be a fat bitch or a huge bitch?’ or maybe she’s ‘simply trying to fudge the truth’ ….

  4. Terry Garrington 8 Mar 2006, 6:31am

    Ms Turner ,is,I believe,absolutely right.We can`t have a sexually mixed up person determinating how we should live…but,I also think that women shouldn`t be in politics either,owing to their, nature imposed, mood swings.If they get in a bad mood,perhaps every month or so?,God help us all…..Terry Garrington…(SwanseaTerry)…

  5. Paul Remillard 9 Apr 2006, 10:22pm

    It was just an op-ed piece, that happens to challenge some of the received orthodoxies.It is not entirely unreasonable to expect that elected representatives should have some inkling of the challenges facing the majority of their voters. Also, the scandal and mayhem that can sometimes be attendent upon improperly guarded private lives can have serious repercussions for the entire party the representative is a member of.

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