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Brokebat Mountain: Batman is gay, says Clooney

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  1. Elias Hiebert 6 Mar 2006, 10:38pm

    superheroes are gay, stupid!

  2. Dennis Anfuso 8 Mar 2006, 4:13pm

    I think the Batman/Gay business is just based on the fact that the 1960’s TV show was so camp. Batman has never seemed gay to me, in fact he is too psychotic to even be hetero, he has no sex drive, he is just obsessed with revenge and convincing himself it isn’t revenge but justice. If some pshychiatrist in the 1950’s thought two men on a couch talking was proof of their sexuality, I have to wonder where he made his clients sit when they came to him for help?

  3. Elias you are an idiot… I agree that Forever and Batman and robin and the original tv show portrayed batman as being very gay… But he is not… Watch Batman Begins… Batman and Batman 2 … watch the Cartoon series.. read the dark knight comics…. he is the best that ever was.. the best there is … the best there ever will be when it comes to Super Heroes

  4. Even though batman is not openly gay, i still think he has good material and would hit him

  5. batman is not gay!!!!!!!!

  6. Who tho hell drew that image? thats copyright material buddy, Im reporting it! Thats sick!

  7. Er, folks, why the f*** are you arguing over the sexuality of fictional characters? Grow the f*** up and get a life you fools.


  9. “BATMAN IS NOT GAY FAGS”Oh, you’ve totally convinced me with your well typed and articulate argument concerning a fictional character.(1) Your a fool(2) Batman isn’t real, hence point (1)(3) Who gives a fuck anyway, hence point (1)(4) Refer to point (1)

  10. A World Over the Rainbow: George Clooney & Archbishop of Wales « itbettergetbetter 21 Apr 2012, 4:21pm

    […] suit and I had rubber nipples. I could have played Batman straight, but I made him gay’” (Brokebat Mountain). Recently, Clooney went a step further to say that he would never deny rumors about his being gay: […]

  11. does anyone realise that if batman was having a relationship with Robin that would make him a Pedophile as Robin is certainly under aged.

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