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Transgendered fire-fighter claims discrimination

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  1. Personaly, I cant speaks for Mr Foulkes.. but I personaly know Mr Perez. I happen to be very close friends with his daughter for many years. I am openly gay and I can say that the Perez family has many openly gay friends. I have been invited into their home on many occasions. What I do know is that ever since Mr Perez took the job, there has been a lot of people stuck in the old way things have been, and him doing what he was hired to do, to serve and improve the cities fire department has caused changes. One example that’s not mentioned here is that NO ONE gets to take their city care home anymore…. All of the problems like this and others that has existed in the Knoxville fire dept has caused a horrible toll not only a great man and fire cheif but his family. To the extent of having people spy on his family to try to gather dirt.I see this as nothing more than another sad attempt to create more bs.

  2. This claim of discrimination is completely unfounded.Nobody gets their cars anymore. This individual was hardly singled out.The writer of this column should be held accountable for neglecting to fully research this story before writing. He should be forced by his editors to write an apology for furthering something that amounts to a mere smear campaign.I swear, lazy news sources and two bit journalists are the downfall of america.

  3. Dear Ty,This site is based in England!?And notice the phrase “claims that she is being discriminated against”

  4. The issue is in an american state, dealing with all americans. The location of the site doesnt matter for purpose of its content.But if it makes you feel better, two-bit journalism and random internet sites that post said stories are the downfall of society.The “claims” argument is the same one used by a number of tabloids and tabloid writers. If that is what this site is about, then excuse me. Otherwise, posting this story is tantamount to posting a story that states “Transgendered monkey claims to have been abducted by UFO’s and flown to la-la land”.

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