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London Mayor wins first stage of appeal

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Reader comments

  1. You describe Ken Livingstone as ‘pro gay mayor’. Strangely you forget to mention that he warmly welcomed to London an Islamic cleric who favours the death penalty for homosexuality and no doubt shares his contempt for Jews. With friends like Ken, who needs enemies?

  2. barry Salisbury 28 Feb 2006, 2:51am

    Ken Livingstone is a humanitarian and a socialist. He believes in dialogue not confrontation. These attributes scares the daylights out of the establishment, Maggie Thatcher tried to depose him by killing off the LCC. The people knew his quality and voted him into parliament. The people voted him in twice as lord mayor of London. Ken Livingstone is the greatest asset GLBTI people have, for his championing of the rights of GLBTI people. The establishment make a fool of themselves by the use of an undemocratic and unelected quango, to try and demean him. Ken Livingstone is not a career politician, he his a fighter for social justice and London(especially GLBTI people) is lucky to have such person.

  3. He’s not the lord mayor of London, he’s a #@£%!!!!

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