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Comment: The small gay pride march with a lion’s roar

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  1. I am not convinced that this is a well informed piece. A point that most Europeans seem to miss completely is that there are fewer state sponsored houses being built in the townships under the ANC government that under NP rule, less sanitation being put in place, less being done to provide clean drinking water. Malaria and Cholera that used to be kept in check show worrying signs of spreading. Corruption is rife. As if all this is not bad enough, the ANC government is still supportive of the good old fashioned African dictator Mugabe to the north. Going so far as to provide large wads of cash!! All this is extremely worrying when you still have family and friends living these ‘hovels’. Is the ANC so much better? In some ways, yes in other way not at all. There are reasons why so many South Africans of various ethnic origins live abroad. Admittedly I did not bother reading past the ‘township’ bit. The rest of the article might be worth reading but I don’t think I’ll bother. And by the way, I found Durban to be a much more hedonistic place to live than the elitist Cape Town. Forget about Pride, it’s not in our cultures; we just get on with getting on with it.

  2. Thanks for comment. As I said in the article I am not an expert on SA, and did hear from many people about the corruption and problems with the ANC while I was there – however, i wished to focus on the improvements not the problems in the article. I think it a terrible shame that a country with so much wealth and natural resources cannot give its people the minimum standard, whichever government! Shame you didnt read the rest of the article, which was for me, what it was all about!!

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