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Report criticises BBC gay coverage

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Reader comments

  1. elizabeth veldon 28 Feb 2006, 4:02pm

    So as this news story only effects Gay men and Lesbians does that mean I’m discriminated against in terms of my relationship (a Lesbian one) but not in terms of my identity as Gender Queer. And I also asume that any of my Bisexual friends will only be discriminated against if they’re in a same sex relationship also?This is another example of how ‘Queer’ only realy means Gay and Lesbian. Thankyou once more.

  2. That doesn’t really surprise me in the slightest. Try reading the BBC’s messageboards and some of the homophobic comments that are on there, the onelife, radio 4 boards to name two.The moderators even take to banning gay people if they question this.

  3. Yes well I am one of the many banned gay people from BBC Messageboards who the BBC tried to game with as they do with gay poeple who post asking for help. I wasn’t asking for help but they tried to game with me just the same. When I complained and took it all the way to the BBC Board of Complaints they banned me on a constructed charge. Renewed my account and they just banned me again nine months later since the are clearing out gay posters from the OneLife area. We all know there was a BBC Gay board until they closed it in October. Now the mods and hosts are sick about leaving homophobes to tear into gay posters on the OneLife board. To ban and put gay posters on premod, to delete posts that provide help to gay people, all of these are sick actions in my view. Then take a look at the R4 boards and track the homophobes on there and what they are allowed to say with zero moderation unless you complain. Complain too much and get banned. They track your IP address so you are banned for life, that is what they did with me. Looking at their sick boards that may not be an issues but I wouldn’t mind talking about World Music but my ban for life covers all boards.So yes homophobes and the BBC, they have a holly alliance in my views and I suspect it is Christian values from the top down in the BBC that is creating what you see, zero programming, zero message boards and support for active homophobia.

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