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Clint Eastwood’s son is gay, friend claims

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  1. Mountain Queen 28 Feb 2006, 7:42pm

    So what. Who cares? Mr. Kelley’s 15 seconds of fame are up. Kyle Eastwood has a great new album…has his father’s musical talent and his own musical talent…and nobody cares who he slept with, what he slept with, why he slept with, if he slept with…totally meaningless.

  2. Good for Kyle if he is. How I long for the day when sexuality is no longer fodder for a smear-campaign, when it’s entirely normalised and people couldn’t care less about others’ sexualities.

    1. Why is telling of one’s relationship with someone of the same sex a smear?

  3. Ridiculous. I think if this is true Kyle deserves some privacy and not having some idiot revealing to the world when and how many times he had oral sex and other private issues just because he is son of a celebrity.

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