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Anti racist gay group dismiss Outrage claims

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Reader comments

  1. Looking through the some of the news articles on this web site and the way they are presented, I am struck to realise that this compilation serves to promote the prejudices of the editor of this site.The countless articles presenting Muslims as anti-gay are overwhelming. It is known that religious leaders from most, if not all, major religious do not favour homosexuality, so why are you keen to pick on the Muslim community. (compare with numerous articles on this site describing how wonderfully gay friendly the Jewish community are).I feel this prejudice is dangerous and does not serve our community well. There are many gay Muslim organisations working very hard to fight prejudice. They have made some recent small strides, such as the recent Channel 4 programme on gay Muslims which was in my opinion ground breaking – and also not featured on your site. Gay Muslims are getting it from both sides – rejection from the Muslim communinity from one side, and from the other, they are up against a gay community which I fear is becoming increasingly Islamophobic. Please do not serve to fan the latter.RegardsTre