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Britney Spears rumoured for lesbian role

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Reader comments

  1. hellooooooooo :- p

  2. I don’t understand the use of the term “gay icon” in your reporting. I think it’s time that the diversity within the ranks of GLBT people is recognised. Perhaps you should be writing “camp icon”? The equation of pop culture appreciated by many gays with gayness itself doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Many queer people are not into pop culture or mass marketed celebrities at all. Perhaps you could do something journalistic on the whole idea of gay icons, and who sees the world that way and who doesn’t.

  3. Of course it will be denied, it could cost her contracts from people that are homphobic…but people inside know they are still inseparable, and know that ists way more than friendship..they are lovers

  4. I have worked with both ladies and can tell you they are both professionals and I have seen B flirt with the girls many times…and it is well known Paris is on the pink team as well…all the guys are merely beards, and the guys around Britare all gay dancers

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