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Mugabe attacks gays and threatens pro-gay clergy with prison

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  1. scotchcart 2 May 2008, 3:24pm

    We would get along faster if we didn’t exaggerate.1. Holding hands is more than permissable in Zimbabwe. See the footage of Mbeki talking to Mugabe two weeks ago.2. The Zim dollar did not collapse because of gay rights. It collapsed because of activities of people antagonistic to gay rights – war vets and Mugabe, particularly.3. Zimbabwe was not expelled from the Commonwealth. She resigned.Mugabe displayed homophobia in public during the scandal which erupted when the first President of Zimbabwe was charged with sexual assault of his presidential bodyguard. These events do not justify his homophobia but tell the whole story?

  2. Robert Mugabe Officially A Fighter | Overthinking It 29 Jun 2008, 12:58pm

    […] Or to just beat the Hell out of them. Or drive them fom their homes. Or try to assassinate them. Or imprison them and torture them. Beholders, goblins, women and children, the disabled, you name it. Or prompt […]

  3. I don’t think that the point of the article was to document the entire history of sexuality in Zimbabwe, but to highlight Mr. Mugabe’s vicious and unjustified verbal attack on gays.
    Hmmm…This story about the first president sexually assaulting his bodyguard…I wonder….Is the president such a lonely man that he couldn’t find anyone to fool around with other than his bodyguard? And wouldn’t it be easy for an opponent to bribe them so they all tell the same story?


  4. Can anyone tell me the current situation of gay/lesbians in Zimbabwe?if you have information about how homosexual are being treated in Zimbawe,do they have rights and is there any recent attacks among Zimbabwe gay people please email me.

  5. Zimbabwe: What’s Up With That? « TheFakeScan 28 Jan 2009, 8:13pm

    […] He has outlawed homosexuality, calling gays “worse than dogs or pigs.” […]

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