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Property experts rank Eastern Europe as top gay destination

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Reader comments

  1. Rossen Bangyev 28 Feb 2006, 11:30pm

    Dear Sir or Madam,I would like to introduce to you one project for development of VIP gay tourism in Bulgaria and especially on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast.Due to its remarkable nature Bulgaria has traditionally been a holiday destination for many guests from many european countries. Unfortunately, tourist products orientated towards gay people are very limited and there are no facilities with the sole purpose of accommodating such guests of the country.Bearing this in mind, me and my friends discussed the idea of starting and realizing a tourist project orientated entirely towards the gay tourist that are already coming to Bulgaria and attracting new ones. This involves building a small hotel developing gay tourist programmes along routs in the country, respective service and so on. This business can be run as club tourism as well. I am an owner of a plot of land – 1 100 sq.m., situated in villa village 14 km away / about 10 min. in a car/ South of Varna – the biggest town on the Bulgarian coast. There is a lovely sandy beach 80 m. /5 min. on foot/ away from the property. This is a quiet and peaceful place separated from the beach by a small forest, which at the same time is close to the town of Varna and the world famous summer resorts of Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Elena, Albena, Sunny Day and so on. There is spectacular sea view from the place.Up to the moment I have approved and obtained all the necessary architectural plans and permissions according to the Bulgarian law, which allow me to build big /493 sq. m./ 3 storey luxury villa. As I have all the building permits in the future it will not be a problem /after altering the building documentation/ to build a building meeting the requirements of a small hotel. The place is suitable for building such hotel and for starting the development of such tourism.I hope to find assistance from you and I would be thankful, in case this does not interest you, if you could put me in contact with persons who might be interested in such project.I am ready to present all the necessary documents and additional information regarding the building of the place and the project in general. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation.Faithfully yours,Rossen Bangyev

  2. Bravo! Good luck, man!

  3. Rossen Bangyev 28 Feb 2006, 11:53pm

    For contact with me: or mobile tel.: + 359 88 899 47 14

  4. Alessandro 5 May 2007, 4:17pm

    Mexico is becoming a FABULOUS place for gay investment. The people are friendly, the prices are very good, Merida was the Cultural Capital of the America’s last year and it is perfect weather all year round.Alessandro

  5. Alessandro 5 May 2007, 4:52pm

    Merida, Yucatan, Mexico is becoming a charming home to an ever increasing number of gay couples in search of a tranquil place in the sun to call home. While not an outwardly gay destination, Merida offers a welcoming, secure, and comfortable open lifestyle to the many gay expatriates who are attracted to this tropical Spanish colonial city.With it beautiful colonial architecture many gay couples are finding that they can finally have their dream home at a price that they can afford. Prices here are amazingly inexpensive and you can purchase a charming colonial home with courtyard and pool for the price of a one bedroom apartment back home. In fact few cities in the Americas have architecture that can rival that of Merida. Many of the real estate agencies and architectural firms are gay owned and all are gay friendly. Designer furniture and antique shops and appearing to the demands of this new cliental. Merida design runs from Colonial Classics to contemporary.

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