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Washington campaign against gay discrimination

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Reader comments

  1. I think that its good that we have this new law, but I’m worried that too many straight people will start going to gay clubs, which will defeat the point of them existing.

  2. If we want equality, then we have to accept equality and accept that if a straight club is forced by law to accept gays into its establishment, then the reverse should also happen.By an large, we are accepted in most pubs and clubs – and we act according to the standards of the place. In a gay bar or club, it is the norm to see a gay couple acting in much the same manner as would a straight couple in a straight pub or club. So if a straight couple wants to visit a gay pub or club – of even the notorious Trades in Blackpool, they will have to accept standards of behaviour. Simple as that! There is no way that we should be “more equal” than straights!

  3. oscar Watson 9 Nov 2005, 7:36pm

    I have to challenge “nerva”: It is often DANGEROUS to gay men in particular when there isn’t a door policy restricting entry. FACT.I’ve run gay clubs and the London Lesbian and Gay Centre, discounting the odd hissie fit, violence was only a feature when straight people were involved.In Newcastle, where I now live, there was one large gay nightclub to which the greedy owners granted access to anyone with cash. Consequently a series of serious attacks happened inside the club by straight men on gay men.Clubbing is for many gay men the ONLY time they are in the majority on their own terms. Not restricting entry will lead to many feeling unsafe. Not everyone will take crap and there is likely to be an increase in violence where none existed before.A compromise we once used at the Outdance Club in Deptford was to allow straight people as accompanied guests…

  4. Actually the logic of civil unions, gay marriage, non-discrimination and all the rest is equality – and that implies the eventual end of any specifically gay space or organisation. But the transistion era is bound to get messy.

  5. Mitch Nixon 21 Nov 2005, 3:15pm

    Neah much better idea. Once a long time ago a group started calling us queer etc in Heaven so without the need for security we got them all into the celler bar and I’m not sure but I believe on got fisted.Doubt thgey ever tried that again

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