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Vatican to combat gay marriage laws

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Reader comments

  1. It’s about time the damn church minded it’s own business!! It’s more obsessed with homosexuality than homosexuals.There are more important things than whether gays should marry or not, like the people that have no homes in Pakistan after the earthquake or New Orleans after Katrina but what do they focus on….gays!!Sad people.

  2. All the more obvious the need to fight for secular Gov’t. Religious interference in politics and Gov’t legislation is anti-democratic.The catholic church is relentless in it’s attempts to destroy the lives of gay people. The catholic church abuses gay people and is guilty of aiding and abetting those who do violence to gays on behalf of the church. The catholic church’s peddling of medieval superstition and it’s fallacy mongering is immoral, it destroys lives.

  3. DUMBASSES!!!you dont have to read about gay marriage in newspapers every day.its STUPID.its time the catholic church took control of the situation.did u see any reference to gayness back in the 1900 or 1800 or 1700s? huh?exactlythats what i thought

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