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Judge overturns gay foster parent ban

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  1. Tom Boyle 1 Jan 2006, 5:54pm

    Tom BoyleSenior Citizen, Economist, Real Estate Specialist29813 Woodlawn Dr.Burlington, WI 53105 USAPhone 252-767-8959 Anti Same Gender Marriage Amendment Hurts Seniors MostThe motorist-beating in Milwaukee, Wisconsin last week and the shootout at theSouthridge Mall were carried out by teenagers from single parent households. Look attheir backgrounds. They do not come from two parent homes. It illustrates our bigproblem in Wisconsin. The number of single parent households is increasing, shooting offthe charts, literally and figuratively. The children get half the parenting, they need andlittle supervision they need to become productive adults because there is only one parenttrying to do the job of two. It is producing very dangerous minors loose on our streetsand shopping malls. The upcoming Marriage Amendment, Amendment will onlyaggravate the problem. It does not increase the number of two parent family units. It doesjust the opposite. It reduces them. The result is failing schools, families, jails, and nearanarchy.The lack of a two parent family unit is the fundamental problem we have in our societyand costs the tax payers plenty. We are putting half parented children on the streets. Theyare neither completely orphaned kids because they do have one parent. This ‘half parent’kid falls through the cracks. Call him a Norphan, neither a complete orphan nor a fullyparented child. One of his parents is always missing, gone, not in the picture at all andthe other parent is absent several hours a day and this kid is left on his own, a part timeorphan, not being supervised, or parented at all. We are asking government to step in andbe the missing parent in the single parent household by providing expensive governmentsocial programs. It does not work because government is not designed to be a missingparent. To make matters worse The Federal government has just cut money from thesesocial programs. Who pays for it? The senior citizen tax payer does.The tax burden falls the heaviest on the shoulders of the senior citizen property tax payer.Old people, on fixed incomes are losing their homes. The can’t pay the property taxes.We have kicked one million people out of our state in the last twenty years. Old peopleare becoming refugees. One million is the size of the city of Dallas, most of whom areseniors. Imagine a city the size of Dallas moving out of the state. It means Twenty percentof our population has gone. The Marriage Amendment, Amendment to the Constitution isan anti-senior citizen bill. It is no friend to old people or young people. It does not allowtwo single parent mothers to form some kind of partnership whatever it is. to solve theproblem of raising their kids, to create a two parent family unit to raise the kids, properly.And the seniors bear the brunt. Seniors who have property can’t stay in their homes.Seniors who don’t have money,