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17 February 2006

  • 17th February 2006

    Poll reveals Turkey’s conservative views on homosexuality

    The survey found that three quarters of Turks disapprove of gays and lesbians

    12:00 AM — A significant amount of Turkish people are uncomfortable with homosexuality, a survey suggests.The poll conducted by the Open Society Institute and Istanbul's Bogazici University found that three quarters of Turks disapprove of gays and lesbians.

  • Dublin man admits gay attacks

    The arrested man has admitted to three of the attacks, two of which took place near Dublin's St Audeon's Church (above)

    12:00 AM — A man in Dublin has confessed to attacking a number of gay men in the city over the last 12 months, police report.Dublin's Gardai claim to have arrested the 17 year old last week and believe he may be to blame for a series of attacks that left one victim in a coma.The Southside People newspaper reported, Garda sources say that the unnamed youth has admitted beating Brian O'Callaghan until he was unconscious.

  • Bishop attacks Spanish PM over gay marriage

    Mr Zapatero and his government refused to give in under pressure from the previous Pope, John Paul II, who was set against the introduction of gay marriage in Spain

    12:00 AM — A leading Catholic Bishop has compared the Spanish Prime Minister to Roman Emperor Caligula over Spain's legalisation of same sex marriage.Bishop Antonio Algora attacked José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero in Spanish newspapers, he said: "If Zapatero wants to become Caligula, it's up to him, but without doubt people will have to learn who Caligula was and what customs he imposed on Rome, it's as simple as that."

  • Washington mayoral candidate to block gay clubs

    Opposition surfaced last month after Mr Orange discovered that gay business owner Bob Siegel planned to buy a vacant warehouse in the ward and intended to invite one or more of the gay clubs to move there

    12:00 AM — A candidate to become the Mayor of Washington is campaigning to block adult gay entertainment businesses from his ward prompting petitions from activists.Vincent Orange, who currently serves on the District's Council, is expected to replace them with a new Major League Baseball stadium in ward 5.

  • London Mayor urged to help resurrect Moscow Pride 1

    The GALHA letter praises Mr Livingstone for his long-standing support for lesbian and gay rights notably inaugurating the first ever registration of their partnerships - and his enthusiastic support for the London Pride events

    12:00 AM — The Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association (GALHA) has called on the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, to appeal to his counterpart in Moscow to lift the ban on a gay pride parade in the city.The Mayor of Moscow, Yury Luzhkov, has said that all attempts to organise a gay parade, in any form, open or disguised, will be "resolutely quashed". His press secretary, Sergey Tsoy, said that the reports about the proposed parade "have evoked outrage on society, in particular among religious leaders."

  • Complaints over lesbian FCUKing ad 3

    two women are shown kissing and tearing each other's clothes off in between exchanging kicks and punches

    12:00 AM — A new French Connection advertising campaign has received over 60 complaints since its launch this week.Controversial designers, are looking to launch a fashion or style debate through the adverts which featuring raunchy lesbian scenes.In the fashion label's latest television and cinema ad campaign, two women are shown kissing and tearing each other's clothes off in between exchanging kicks and punches.

  • “Homophobic” Conservative canidate stands down 1

    Mr Cameron, who is targeting gay party members as priorities for the party, is thought to have insisted Mr Jenkins step aside

    12:00 AM — Conservative Party leader David Cameron forced a Welsh Assembly candidate to stand down just 24 hours after he had been selected, over rows about "homophobic" remarks.John Jenkins, 25, stood down as the Conservative candidate for the key seat of Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire after continued controversy over claims he made in 2003 that being gay was a "medical mental condition."

  • Psychologists examine impact of Pentagon gay policy on health 1

    “There is no evidence,“ the article says, “that combat performance is diminished or that unit cohesion declines when GLB persons serve openly“

    12:00 AM — A newly published article in the journal Professional Psychology examines how the US military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy towards gay recruits impedes access to mental healthcare in the armed services and identifies practical steps providers should take to provide the best possible care for lesbian, gay and bisexual service personnel.The article, Service Delivery in a "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" World, was published as part of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Sexual Orientation and Military Service.

  • US Scouts gay leader ban causes land row

    The US Supreme Court ruled that the Boy Scouts of America has a constitutional right to exclude openly gay men from serving as troop leaders

    12:00 AM — A San Diego appellate court panel is assessing arguments over whether the Boy Scouts of America, which bans gay troop leaders and insists people make a pledge to God, has the right to use city-owned parkland.Mark Danis, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told the appeals panel, "San Diego city land can't be used as the headquarters of a discriminatory organisation," Mr Danis said.

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