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Boston schools appoint gay headteachers

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  1. The opposite of diversity is fascism.By attacking the obvious targets – gays – the Liberty Council has succeeded in restricting speakers from the African American, Latino, Jewish, Muslim, native American communities as well.The Liberty Council could never have attacked those speakers directly as no one would have taken them seriously if they, for example, insisted on the right of the Ku Klux Klan or the Nazi Party to send a speaker as a counter point to the African American speaker; however, by insisting that “Ex-gays” are a “valid minority” they have found a loophole.There is now evidence that the ex-gay ministries cause psychological damage to their subjects, and little evidence that their programs are successful.I do not regard “ex-gay ministries” as the sort of minority deserving of speaking at a diversity celebration as the point of such ministries is to destroy diversity (make us all straight, all the same).I would have regarded their protest as valid should a speaker from an evangelical church not have been allowed as evangelical christianity is a valid viewpoint, however misguided I may feel it to be; but to say that the “ex-gay” movement is a minority deserving of being heard is a fallacy equal saying the Ku Klux Klan deserves to be allowed to attend a diversity celebration to promote hatred against non-whites.

  2. You have some facts wrong, most notably Viroqua is in WISCONSIN not VA.

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