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Christian groups helping gay people “recover”

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  1. Ex Gays do Exist and we are here!And we are not going any where!JessieI Do Exist Documentary Running Time: 48 Minutes, Audience: Adults/teens Format: DVD VHS Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays Gays (PFOX) ~ supporting the right of homosexuals to choose change ~ Box 561 Fort Belvoir VA 22060 ~ 703-360-2225 ~

  2. Stephanie 7 Mar 2006, 3:25pm

    This is a growing misunderstanding worldwide. Being gay or being a lesbian isn’t the choice to be made; the choice lies in whether one lies to him/herself, essentially ignoring the feelings that are still there. So called “former gays” haven’t really changed who they are. They are simply covering up a part of themselves they don’t wish others (or themselves)to see. It needs to be made clear that the choice doesn’t lie in attraction to either sex, it lies in the action taken thereafter. As a homosexual, my gut feeling is not that homosexuality is strange or wrong, but when I see heterosexual couples, I get the feeling that “straight” is odd. This has occured to me ever since I was a young child and my older sister brought her boyfriends over to the house. This was before I even knew what “gay” was. So, I do agree that people should go with their gut feelings.. Just know that NOT all gut feelings say that homosexuality is wrong, but everyone knows that discrimination and prejudice is wrong. Quite frankly, I’m sick of people saying that allowing same-sex marriage is “playing on God”, well, telling people that God doesn’t want them in a church just because they’re gay IS playing on God, because there is no way that ANYONE, including the authors of the Bible, can speak for God. The fact is Homosexuals exist, and that speaks volumes for and in itsself.

  3. I am a confused bisxual. I consider myself a christain yet have viewed pornography and other things. I believe that the Bible and Jesus tell me and are telling me that what I am feeling now are not what He made me to be. I hope to be able to abstain from looking at pornagraphy and to slowly make my attract to women stronger. I have an attraction to both sexes but was allowing same sex attractions to flow and was feeding them through inapproriate manners. I believe that I am forgiven and the key to success in this is for me to be humble and know that God didn’t put me in this situation for no reason. He did it for the best reason in the world—HIS GLORY, and not mine.

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