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Ted Heath was a “gay man”

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Reader comments

  1. Robert Kelly 23 Feb 2006, 4:40am

    This article states: “No one has ever claimed to have had a gay relationship with Sir Edward.” I was just watching a show called MONTY PYTHON’S PERSONAL BEST: GRAHAM CHAPMAN’S PERSONAL BEST. The Pythons recount a story where the subject of whether Edward Heath was gay had arisen in a bar, and Chapman said, “I know he’s gay because I slept with him.”

  2. Peter Lindner 27 Mar 2006, 1:10am

    Yup, I heard it too on the same show. In your article entitled “Ted Heath was a “gay man”” you say:”No one has ever claimed to have had a gay relationship with Sir Edward.” However on Monty Python’s Personal Best (I believe that’s the TV show in the USA), one of Monty Python’s cast (Cleese?) says that Graham Chapman said in a bar in Scotland that “Prime Minister Heath is gay, and I know, because I slept with him…. And that was before people even knew the word gay, and the people did not want to hear that.” (words to that effect).

  3. I am not suprised the Ted Heath kept it very quiet that he was gay. The Tory Party was vert homophobic. Remember when Thatcher was PM, Clause 28. Even now in 2012, their claim to accept LGBT is very suspect even though the number of thir MPs’. It is still a vote catcher. Look are some of their voting records.

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