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Tory Chairman: Gay policies were wrong

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Reader comments

  1. Hard as it is to say, I changed my mind about the Tories when I read this interview with PinkNews!

  2. Darren Jones 9 Feb 2006, 3:33pm

    So the Tories think that apologising will make us all vote for them again. We all know that this is a cynical and hollow attempt to make themselves look more ‘liberal’. They are as right-wing as ever and Labour has done more in 8 years for gay people that the Tories did in 18!

  3. peter nichols 9 Feb 2006, 3:35pm

    A cynical move from the Nasty Party to deceive people. David Cameron has voted against things like civil ceremonies, so he hasn’t changed his spots.

  4. Cameron voted for Civil Partnerships as did Francis Maude

  5. But Ann Widdecombe no and she’s still there in the Conservative Party. If they win the next election, people like here will have to be listened.

  6. I’m gay and I’ve always voted Conservative. They’ve got the best economic policies. I never cared about section 28, and I honestly don’t give a damn about civil partnerships, adoption or whatnot. The Conservatives never tried to crucify me or anything, so I don’t see what the big deal is. And I think Maude’s claims that his party contributed to HIV deaths are absurd. It’s not the “Nasty Party’s” fault that his brother died from HIV. That is the typical left-wing way of doing things – blame someone else for what is essentially your own (or in that case, his) fault.

  7. Oh, and I followed a link to this site from the BBC. My gosh – I’ve never been involved in the gay activism business, so this site looks like complete twaddle to me. Call me nasty, but all this parading and feeling discriminated is such a load of crap. Get a grip! I guess I do belong in the Nasty Party :DIt looks like I really am the only Conservative gay in the village. And proud of it.

  8. Paul Remillard 11 Feb 2006, 4:31pm

    If the Conservatives are posturing themselves as ‘NuLabour Lite’, then who precisely are they trying to appeal to?I wonder what all this fuss about Section 28 was all about. All it involved was a refusal to preach the homosexual lifestyle as part of the sex education curriculum.As regards demonising Anne Widdicombe; do give it a rest , that type of infantile character assassination belongs on the other side of the floor.All I can hope for is that the Conservatives are merely making appropriate noises, without swallowing the fallacious notion that Nu Labour have somehow managed to bring about a paradigm shift in public morality.

  9. And the number of prosecutions under Section 28? One. The number of successful prosecutions under Section 28? None.

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