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Gay penguins resist split attempts

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Reader comments

  1. Gay Penguins are awesome… Hell Yea!!!!!

  2. I totally AGREE for lack of a better word to describe this. FREAKING AWESOME

  3. Little gay penguins! How cute! I like the way the Swedish girl penguins are ‘stand offish’. Are they actually gay though? Do they miss the company of each other when they pine or are they lovers or what?

  4. Too bad for the ZOO, though :). What makes this story particularly intersting to me is sudden sailience of the usually unspoken issue that the ‘state’ has with homosexual relationships– the discourse depressingly overcast with moral arguments, namely the reproduction problem and hence the scarcety of population resources.

  5. well what do they expect calling one of them Slash?! :P
    (second google result for Slash!) – gay fanfiction

    aww they’re so cute, give them a real egg, nursing pebbles is so sweet but so sad :( glad they were reunited, naww!

  6. well slash = gay fanfiction so.. appropriate name!

    nursing pebbles = sad :( give them real egg
    glad they were reunited!

  7. Realstreet » The problem with ‘gay’ penguins… 21 Jul 2009, 9:17pm

    […] The Pink News reported in 2005 that Silo and Roy, New York’s famous ‘gay’ chinstrap penguins split after they had “been living together as husband and husband for the past six years.” […]

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