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Rise in homophobic assualts in Northern Ireland

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  1. So, homophobic violence in Donegal is making gays feel uncomfortable and resulting in their moving out of the area. Isn’t that the intended result of homophobic and other forms terrorist attacks? Isn’t the point of these forms of intimidation to silence the larger group through the very public assault on individuals of that group? It strikes me that IF the local politicians and law enforcement officials are turning a blind eye to these acts of terror, then they are colluding with those who are doing the dirty work. Where is the public outcry? If there is none, whether at an official or grass roots level, then there is obviously some level of agreement with the situation. In that case we have a much larger problem than the homophobic assaults. We have a total failure of civic sensibility for the safety and value of gay citizens in the community. I don’t believe that we should concede to bigots but who wants to live in a community where his safety is a non-issue to his neighbors and his life and public contributions are not valued by his community?It’s time to either stand up and demand action or tuck your tail between your legs and slink off to Brighton. If one chooses the latter then they shouldn’t be surprised when nothing in Donegal changes.

  2. Sorry, I’m a little confused by the article. Are they referring to Northern Ireland or Ulster? As far as I’m aware, Donegal is in the Irish Republic and not Northern Ireland. Therefore, references to the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the legalisation of homosexuality in Northern Ireland are irrelevant (with the Republic not actually formally decriminalising until much later in 1993)

  3. Read the real article. Other articles commenting on this are confusing Donegal (which is in the North of Ireland) with Northern Ireland:THE deafening silence of state agencies and politicians is driving gay men out of Donegal into Derry, a spokesman for a leading gay rights organisation has claimed.Mr Sean Morrin of Derry’s Rainbow Project was speaking following a savage homophobic attack on a 20 years old Buncrana student in Derry in the early hours of Sunday morning. The man has been told he will lose the sight of one eye as a result of the assault by two men on Derry’s Clarendon Street between 3 and 4 a.m on Sunday.The young man who is a student at the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education (Derry Tech) is still recovering in Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry following the assault. Another man committed suicide last year because, according to his family, he had suffered constant harassment for his sexuality.Speaking to the Donegal News Mr Morrin said more and more young gay men were being ‘driven out of Donegal’ because of the lack of proper support services in the county. He also condemned the silence of politicians who he claims have silent for far too long on the issue of gay rights and homophobic attacks.’What is happening is that more and more people are being driven out of Donegal because there are not enough statutory services available. Politicians and others who influence society have remained far too silent on the plight of gay people. We have people who travel up to 100 miles just to find a place where they can feel normal and access support,’ he said.Mr Morrin explained the young student was walking to his home when he was attacked by two men.’The two men made it clear why they were attacking him. They punched him to the ground and and kicked him in what was a savage attack. He has been told he will lose and eye following the assault. This severity of this attack is very disturbing at time when there has been a fall in the number of such attacks in the city. The PSNI are following a definite line of inquiry,’ Mr Morrin said..

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