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Westlife singer: Coming out makes life better

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Reader comments


  2. is it true

  3. this mins backoff guls, its nw our turn guyz

  4. hi my name is andie i’m a big fan of mark feehily out of westlife and i love him so much.

  5. noooooooo

  6. westlife'sgirl 31 Dec 2007, 7:33pm

    love you so much markyhpoe u always happy

  7. I love you Mark..Bwt westlife konser lg ya di jakarta,Indonesia.

  8. HapPy bRtHdaY For kIan eGan….

  9. are u really gay???????/

  10. maek

  11. i like your look. But i can’t believe that you’re gay.

  12. mark feehily is the most beautiful man since god created the universe
    oh my god he’s so sexy
    his lips his eyes his smile
    i love you so bad mark and i don’t care if you are gay

    1. lourdes garcia 22 Sep 2011, 1:57am

      It doesn’t matter if your gay i love u anyway, ur a wonderful man and a very handsome guy. Keep doing what u doing, i love the way u sing. God bless u Mark I love you. Take care.

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