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Royal Navy searching for gay recruits

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  1. This really makes me laugh, after the way I was treated by Whitehall. I was a Leading Hand of Mess when it was announced that gays could serve openly in the RN, and the impression I got from other ratings was not a good one. I was also slagged off by senior rates for my support for the measure! I came out as transsexual after this, leaving the service 3 years ago. The RN still didn’t know what to do with me, even though they had “allowed” transsexual people to serve since 1999, and made my life one of uncertainty and fear. They said they’d treat me as a female rating, but refused to change my official number from a male one to a female one, I was on hormones, and my body was changing, and they wanted to send me to sea. Unless huge strides have been made recently, I personally think that the navy are full of crap. I’ll certainly never forgive their incompetence and insensitivity.

  2. Dont ask Dont tell Policy Ruled Unconstitutional 10 Sep 2010, 3:08pm

    […] gender-bender training. ROYAL NAVY TO MARCH IN GAY PARADE. – Free Online Library Royal Navy searching for gay recruits – from Pink News – all the latest gay news from the gay commun… For those who haven't got it by now: THE PURPOSE OF AN ARMED FORCE IS TO GO 'ROUND THE WORLD […]

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