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Gay flamingos celebrate fifth anniversary with their children

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Reader comments

  1. I think these flamingos are bisexual, like myself

  2. They look so lovely and happy… (^_^)

  3. That is hysterically funny.

  4. What an intriguing concept, that these flamingos’ peers respect them and treat them no differently than other birds. It takes humans to really muck things up.

  5. This is AWESOME! I am in the middle of interviewing a gay couple who just adopted a baby girl for a local newspaper. How funny, sweet and amazing.

  6. Jim Sampson 22 May 2007, 6:30pm

    Gay flamingos make such good parents? I’m sure every child that hears this story will sleep better with the threat that the gay couple next door may take your house, chase off your parents, and keep you for themselves. It does capture the spirit of gay couples manipulating nature for themselves.

    1. Except that human beings are not flamingoes, duuuhh…
      And an ironic Darwinian footnote – a flamingo chick being raised by two powerful males may have better survival chances than one being raised by a conventional couple.
      Everyone and everything both manipulates and is manipulated by ‘nature’. Switch your brain on and your a priori prejudices off.

  7. elizabeth veldon 23 May 2007, 5:12pm

    so you look up a story from over a year ago to make your nasty little homophobic comments do you Jim Sampson?How pathetic!Are you seeking to blame Queers for kidnaping Children? More specificaly are you refering to the sad and troubeling case of Madaline McCann? Cheap shots can so easly slip into the aria of illegality you know.

  8. they didn’t steal the other chicks just eggs.. thats a bit different, esp. as an animal… its like… surrogacy! egg donation, whatever.. it’l be nothing other than positive in the long run
    the other flamingoes are fine with them, its sweet ^__^

  9. That is severely just wrong!

  10. i think what happaned is natural. nothing wrong with that.. i am very happy while reading the news about this birds.i wish human race will do the same.

  11. “It does capture the spirit of gay couples manipulating nature for themselves.”

    Well, Jim, in your infinite wisdom, I’m sure you don’t intend take any medication, receive medical help, or live past 30? That would be “manipulating nature” for yourself, wouldn’t it?

    The “natural” argument is a stupid one. You’re living in a world where nature has been tamed, altered, and manipulated to suit humanity. Or do you think laptops, aeroplanes and artificial hips grow naturally on trees?

    What makes you argument even more ridiculous is gay people are natural.

    Come to gay sites to rant and look utterly stupid, a lot, do you?

  12. Jorge Cardenas 24 May 2010, 6:30am

    OMG, finally somebody with some common sense. what´s with you guys and all the “natural” argument about? is natural for many animals to not to take care of the elderly, to eat animals of their own species so what animals do or do not do is not a logical argument to consider an activity like moral or inmoral. seriously, if you think about it, the human being is an animal that basically runs from the laws of nature. as will said all the inventions of humans aren’t natural and in fact try to manipulate nature. well that´s all see ya :)

  13. Hahaha, they stole the eggs? What a pair of amusing jerks. It would be funny if gay human couples started stealing fetuses. I would support it entirely.

    1. Me too

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  15. Those other flamingos are fooling no one.

  16. These Pink Flamingos are deliberately going against the bible.They know that god created birdies Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve. They are just like those Penguins and Dolphins that we have read about engaging in abominations.I just know that they have chosen through their free will to be homosexuals. Look at them, they even flaunt it by dressing in pink feathers!!!

  17. The fact that something occurs in nature does not make it moral as some posters have pointed out. BUT, it does counter the stupid arguments by homophobes that homosexuality is “not natural”.
    Fundies want to have it both ways, arguing that it is both unnatural and even it does occur in nature it is immoral. Their logic is inconsistent, ours should not be.

    Oh, and I think the gay flamingoes are adorable :-)

  18. @Heteropride – thank you for taking the time to comment on this article. What is it that brings someone so evidently heterosexual and proud of it to Pink News?

    1. chris lowcase 8 Apr 2012, 11:43pm

      its a reasonable question, and im sure no prejudice is intended, just a display of interest. many straight people have had their input here before and the regulars are always delighted to read their posts. so i think the least you could do would provide a reply, or answere, or response, or rebuttal. if i dont stick around to read it its because i cant be arsed.

  19. chris lowcase 8 Apr 2012, 11:37pm

    animals procreate too, and your a fantastic argument against that!

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