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Catherine Zeta Jones in transgender role

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Reader comments

  1. Hmmmm……How strange! I have always heard that CZJ was very much ANTI-TG !!!

  2. A trans woman is not “a man who dresses like a woman.” She *is* a woman, and to call her a man who dresses like a woman is grossly transphobic. It’s particularly sad and upsetting to see a queer news outlet perpetuating the same awful transphobia that we have to put up with from the mainstream media. You’d think the queer media would know better, but I suppose not.

  3. Jack,Thanks for the comment. We’ll review the article and make any corrections needed.Ben

  4. Mekah Gordon Ph.D., L. E. 2 Feb 2006, 1:41pm

    Transsexual portrayals, by  non-transsexual actors, can never capture the true pain, frustration, indignity, discrimination,  inner turmoil, of those of us, who have.~Mekah Gordon~

  5. Mekah Gordon Ph.D., L. E. 2 Feb 2006, 1:47pm

    I wish they would ask me to play this part, or any other Transsexual portrayal.As a beautiful Transwoman, and experienced actor, I’d be able to capture every nuance of the inner turmoil, as well as the euphoric complexities, of what it is like, in the journey from M-F.

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