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Student expelled for being gay

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Remillard 27 Jan 2006, 9:12pm

    The university in question is a private establishment/institution, so I am not entirely sure just what the problem is.I am very doubtful about a scenario that demands private establishments adhere to a centrally-sanctioned edict concerning how it chooses to run its business or accept prospective members into its community.This holds especially true when it is an institution founded on faith, when those who are caretakers of that instituion’s values seek to uphold that faith and finally, when there exists an opportunity for somebody to return to that community, subject to adherence to that community’s values.That is the basis of ‘community’ and we lose sight of ths recognition at our peril – as can be handily discerned when we look at the wider society today.

  2. I agree with the statements made by Paul Remillard. The student in question signed a contract with the school that stated that he would follow a community covenant that represented the values of the school. The school did not dismiss him because he is gay, the school dismissed him because he violated the contract that he signed with the school. So just like any other student that is dismissed from a private school when he breaks contract, so was this student.

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