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Will Grace to end with a wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Amy Johnson 28 Jan 2006, 7:03pm

    oh my god!! a baby?? a wedding?? wow!!

  2. I’m all for McCormack and Diggs’ characters getting some action together. After all these years of straight man/woman, gay man/woman, and all combinations of straight and gay woman/woman action on a show that is supposed to be centered around gay men, it’s about frickin time! I can’t believe that after all these years of Emmy Award winning writing they couldn’t have come up with a more plausible storyline than a gay CANADIAN with a marketable skill and gainful emplayment having to marry an American woman in order to get a green card. That is just absurd. I think the writers have shot their wad and it’s time to bring the show to a quick and painless end.By the way, the show already aired in the US a week or so ago.

  3. So wait, whats the news–that its a gay kiss or that its an INTERRACIAL gay kiss? Most sitcoms have featured interracial dating and its gotten to the point now where its not even part of the plot. I think anyone who can accept a gay kiss wouldnt even think about the fact that the two men were of different races. This article kind of creeps me out.

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