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Simon Hughes apologises for homophobic smears in 1983

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Reader comments

  1. About time too, what took him so long?

  2. Bill (Scotland) 24 Jan 2006, 3:18pm

    Charlie,He hadn’t been ‘called’ on it so publicly before. What a worm that man is!

  3. This would be the same Bermondsey by-election where Peter Twatchell blatantly denied being gay and showed that he was no less of a hypocrite than all the people he has threatened to ‘out’ over the years.Shame on you for making an apology, Simon – Tatchell deserved ever bit of it.

  4. At least 1 media outlet is prepared to use the B word.

  5. Thanks Phoebe, it’s been driving me mad too, he told us that he’s bisexual so that’s what we said he is.Benjamin Editor

  6. Indeed, as Phoebe says, this version of the story is a refreshing change — only other outlet that seems to be using the “b” word is the Beeb’s “GayTalk” radio show.

  7. I know at least half a dozen friends who live in Bermondsey and identify as bisexual, so he does represent his constituents. It shouldn’t be a big deal anyway.

  8. Gavin Ayling 26 Jan 2006, 10:58pm

    I think the saddest thing about all this is that he felt compelled to lie… Did he need to or was this over-anxious closet-ism?

  9. perpetuates a couple of myths that need busting — the leaflet never said Hughes was “the straight choice” but that it was “a straight choice” between Liberal and Labour – drawing attention to the real contenders of the 16 candidates in the byelection.Second that Tatchell was out and Hughes was in the closet at the time of the byelection. Tatchell’s career as an out and proud campaigner only came about after – and as a result of – the homophobic campaigns fought principally by his Labour colleagues in Bermondsey, as his interviews since have reflected.

  10. Tory Convert 28 Jan 2006, 1:24pm

    Simon Hughes is my MP, and I find Sean’s comment above about him representing his constituents because there are at least 6 bisxeual people in Bermondsey a bit odd.Apart from the fact that there must be at least 6 bisexual people in every constituency in the country, whether an MP is straight, gay or bi in my view has no bearing on their ability to represent their constituents. I am not really sure whether a bisexual person should feel better represented by another bisexual person any more than a straight person should necessarily feel better represented by a straight MP. If you can’t fairly represent your constituents of whatever sexuality then you’re a crap MP – period.However, I do think that an MP should not be a hypocrite, and shouldn’t feel that they have something to hide if they are gay or bi. So Mr Hughes has gone down slightly in my estimation for that reason.

  11. Mark, what a vile and evil comment. You should be ashamed of yourself!It’s true that Tatchell didn’t come out immediately at the beginning of teh campaign, but he never denied it. so your comment is even factually wrong.

  12. Seconding (thirding) what Pheobe and Jen said, thanks for daring to say bisexual. So few other news outlets get it.

  13. I am the producer of the BBC’s GayTalk programme in Manchester and i am proud to say that we have made a point of making sure that the word ‘bisexual’ has been used in all our reporting of the Simon Hughes story. We did a special on bisexuality recently and it’s quite clear that bisexuals feel they are the forgotten minority!

  14. what the bloody hell is up with everyone?! ‘straight choice’ Hughes is a weasely maggot of a politician, the only reason he came out was because of a Sun sting – hardly dignified. And how can any voter trust anyone who ran such a homophobic election campaign in the 80s. I’m a Lib Dem voter and if he’s in charge, I’m switching to the red side. Just being gay is not a free ticket to the pink vote!!!Get a grip!

  15. My Friend a Panel Member of Kensington Chelsea LGBT Police Advisory Group was sent a e-mail by a Aids Charity “Get another Job with a better Employer”Are we as a Community going to allow a Aids Charity to treat people like thisSTOP THE COVER-UPS IN THE LGBT COMMUNITY

  16. Perstephone 15 Feb 2006, 3:34pm

    “Hughes is a weasely maggot of a politician, the only reason he came out was because of a Sun sting”Peter, I am bisexual and I am not out to everyone I know. Does that make me a bad person? Hughes’ sexuality doesn’t make any difference to how well he can do his job, so what is the the need to tell the whole country about it?

  17. stelios haji-ioannou 7 Jun 2006, 2:23pm

    stelios haji-ioannou wrote:Like what your about Alan. Met your son Simon at the club, no i am not gay like that I am fed up with people calling me a Big Bubble Queen, what does that mean? I wish to make clear that like ashley cole and Master Steps i stelios haji-ioannou am definately not gay in any way at all as i have had many high profile relationships with real women such as dannii minogue sister of Kylie Minogue. My legal policy: With regard to my legal policy. I am sure you will understand that i, stelios haji-ioannou cannot permit others to use my family name and the smear campaign i have had to endure notwithstanding and without the certainty that i will sue the person or publication for libel due to rights in my character and family name being prejudiced. It follows that no use should be made of the stelios haji-ioannou name (or anything similar to it) and if any smear whether directly or indirectly relating to gay or homosexual practices is made you or your publication will be punished to the full extent of the law. And in addition i will seek damages and compensation. The thought of being gay repulses and disgusts me and has brought a great deal of shame and embarrisment to my family especially as it is not true. I have nothing against gays or lesbians personally and i do not wish to offend anyone at all please do not misunderstand me i actually employ many gays and do not discriminate but i will sue anyone who calls me Stelios Haji-Ioannou is Gay or says Stelios Haji-Ioannou is a homosexual

  18. I’ll believe it when I see the Lib Dem’s engaging with the gay community.I’ve just applied to stand as a parish councillor in order to get services for our community.It’s a sorry state of affairs if I have to do that in order to get services for our community.

  19. Simon Hughes is our only out bisexual MP but there are eleven gay and lesbian colleagues of his in the Commons. Check out this listing of Britain’s for details…

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