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Comment: Letter of the week

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Reader comments

  1. Thanks alot Babs! Now I know for sure that I am gay.

  2. I am forced to ask ‘Barbara’ if she has ‘chosen’ to be heterosexual or if she was ‘born that way’.

  3. Avon Lee Stephenson. Jr. 30 Mar 2006, 8:19pm

    Ewwww. If I have to see one more straight couple tongue sucking in public , I’m gonna throw up!

  4. justsomequeer 13 Aug 2006, 9:57am

    Actually, religious belief is a (unless forced on you by your parents) whereas it seems more likely that being GLBT is something you’re born into. However, no one should be persecuted for who they are, choice or not.

  5. Douglas Robertson 4 Oct 2006, 6:40pm

    I have to say that I find it difficult to understand why darling Barbara would have stumbled across this website… I would ask her whether she ‘chose’ to be straight or not. As a recently-out 17 year-old boy, facing many problems because of my parents evangelical Christian beliefs (which I used to share to an extent) I am increasingly astonished by the prevelance of such misconceptions. I find this particular lady’s comments reminiscent of the Westboro Baptist Church.Finally yes, we are amazing! Thanks Barbz! xx

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