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18 January 2006

  • 18th January 2006

    First International Gay Film Festival 57

    Festival Del Sol organisers want to bring gay people together through film

    12:00 AM — The first International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival began this week, at the Festival Del Sol in Gran Canaria.Twenty-five films will showcase the diverse realities of gay and lesbian life around the world. The 5 day event willfeature movies from a variety of genres such as comedy, drama and thrillers.

  • Comment: Letter of the week 5

    This letter is a stark reminder of some of society's homophobic attitudes

    12:00 AM — We regularly receive encouraging and inspiring letters and comments at the offices of PinkNews.co.uk, this week has been no different.PinkNews.co.uk's Marc Shoffman received one gem from a nice lady called Barbara, who has helped remind us why the struggle for sexual equality continues.

  • Columnist issues apology to gay campaigner 3

    Adam Yosef claims he did not mean to stir up homophobia with his comments

    12:00 AM — A high profile Respect Party member has apologised for causing any distress towards gay rights campaigner, Peter Tatchell, for comments made in a newspaper column last week.However, he stood by his comments labelling Mr Tatchell as one of Britain's "most hate filled bigots" insisting it was a personal comment and by no means aimed at the gay community.

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