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Government denies that marriage is a dirty word

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Reader comments

  1. Robert W. Pierce 12 Jan 2006, 7:22pm

    It seems to me that the Daily Mail is probably trying to stir up trouble. Obviously someone there has a problem with the new law for Civil Partership. Of course, all of this homophobia could be quashed once and for all if the government had the guts to define civil partnership as marriage which is what they are in everything but name, lets face it. If Holland can do it (the first country in the world), and Belgium, closely followed by Spain (of all countries) then Canada, there’s absolutely no reason why the UK can’t. If the UK is truly interested in equality, these partnerships should be merged into the marriage act, immediately. Marriage is a civil right, not a religious right. Quite simply put, if same-sex couples pay taxes, then they have every right to marriage and its responsibilities. Its what democracy is supposed to be, equality for all, nothing more.Robert, ex-patriate, NYC.