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Gay Christians speak out against fundamentalists

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Reader comments

  1. I hope it rains on them!Locusts and toads with any luck.

  2. Here’s an interesting discussion on the subject from a website inhabited by Conservatives of every flavour.

  3. Anonymous 9 Jan 2007, 3:12pm

    NHS wigs don’t get any better do they!

  4. So much grace and love from the Rev.Kirker. He is no different from the ones he’s attacking. Neither showing the love of Christ.

  5. About time too! We should not have your filth hoisted upon us!

  6. Muhammed say your type are an abomination and must be cleansed from the earth

  7. Anonymous 9 Jan 2007, 8:03pm

    Here we go – freak alert!

  8. Adam Pogonowski 9 Jan 2007, 9:29pm

    Wow, Hammad makes an incredibly insightful comment. Or not.As regards the article – excellent.As regards Lord Mackay’s remarks – what is to be expected of an ex-Law Lord to be honest. Good on Mackay.

  9. The religious bigots failed to knacker the Bill. 68:199 Lord Tebbit did his usual “Sodomy” routine and was joined by a handful of rancid old cranks, but Lords Smith and Ali amongst others did a wonderful job.So up yours Hammad – and you’ll probably enjoy it!

  10. Hammad, you’re free to pivot your own life around a fairy tale just like any other religion – just keep your fiction to yourself.

  11. Adam Pogonowski 9 Jan 2007, 11:09pm

    Elated that the bigoted Lords did not win over the House. It does not mean that the Government will not amend it in some way, though. And religious people’s views should still be condemned where the discriminate arbitrarily.

  12. Today it’s also been very noticeable on the BBC discussion boards, as well as in newpapers, that there has been a wave of condemnation by a very large number of people (including many religious people) aimed at the religious bigots. I reckon the protest has back fired a bit for the extremists and done nothing but show them up to the rest of the country as the small minority of hateful lunatics that they are. Like Hammad for example.

  13. Nicolas Chinardet 10 Jan 2007, 4:21pm

    As I say in my , the people attending last night represent a small minority of Christians, mostly evangelicals and born-agains, who didn’t even really know why they were there last night…

  14. David Reid 10 Jan 2007, 8:04pm

    Nicholas I too thought it was highly unusual of the BBC news to put full details of the demonstration on their website. I wrote to them pointing out that I had never seen them do it before and that no other mainstream press included those details. I suggested it could be seen in context as encouraging readers to go along and was inappropriate. It dissapeared from the same story about 30 minutes later. I’m not sure if it was me but it is worth complaining sometimes. I was glad I went along last night to see the people who were so mean spirited to protest against us and the SORs. It gave me a little insight, the protesters I spoke to didn’t seem to believe they are doing any harm but are reluctant to acknowledge the harm they do when it is pointed out to them. Ultimately they think they are saving us from ourselves. I’m beating you for your own good sort of thing.

  15. Hi David, Ok the BBC did published the details of the demo and yes, considering its track record one can imagine sinister motives beihnd this but at the same time, my insider knowledge (through a friend) of the BBC News website team makes me wonder if this was noe done on purpose to allow a counter protest to happen…Who knows… It worked for me… :O)

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