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December 2005

  • 15th December 2005

    Sir Elton and David Furnish face £10,000 policing bill for wedding

    Sir Elton said that his love for his partner David “doesn't come with a price tag”

    12:00 AM — Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish face a £10,000 bill to cover the policing of their gay wedding next week.The pop star and his film producer boyfriend David Furnish have been in a relationship for tweleve years and are planning a relatively low-key ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. The hall was the venue for one of the year's key weddings; the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.

  • South African traditionalists warn that gay couples will be pariahs

    Traditional leaders have warned that gay couples risk being treated as pariahs in rural communities

    12:00 AM — Traditional leaders have warned that gay couples risk being treated as pariahs in rural communities in South Africa following last week's Constitutional Court ruling endorsing same-sex marriages.Members of the National House of Traditional Leaders unanimously agreed during a three-day conference in Hazyview, Mpumalanga, that the endorsement disappointed them.

  • Latvian Parliament amend constitution to ban gay marriage

    The amendment to the constitution must now be signed by the country's President, Vaira Vike Freiberga

    12:00 AM — MPs in Latvia have passed an amendment to their constitution barring gay marriages from taking place.65 MPs voted in favour of the change, six voted against the change whilst nine abstained from voting.Gay marriages have been illegal under civil law in Latvia since 1993 but the constitutional amendment ensures that any future recognition of gay relationships will be hard.

  • Gay couple claim to have lost £6000 in benefits since Civil Partnerships introduced 57

    A spokeswoman for John Hutton, said thatt gay couples will be treated in the same way as straight couples

    12:00 AM — A gay couple from Kent claim that the introduction of the Civil Partnerships Act has meant a reduction in their level of state benefits of over £6000 per year.Andrew Brettell, 63 and his 44-year-old partner have cohabited for 18 years and have held a joint mortgage since 1989.Mr Brettell claims that ill health has meant he receives a pension credit.

  • 14th December 2005

    Gay ex-minister Stephen Twigg arrested for drunkenness

    Mr Twigg said: “it's very embarrassing. I feel like an idiot.“

    12:00 AM — Stephen Twigg, the openly gay former education minister has been fined £50 after being arrested for drunken behaviour.Mr Twigg, was the first openly gay President of the National Union of Students and the first MP to have been elected as an out gay man. He lost his Enfield Southgate seat at the last election, but is hoping to return to Parliament in the very near future as one of Labour's preferred parliamentary candidates.

  • Teen gang convicted of manslaughter of gay barman 2

    The 17 year old youth told police: “at the time I thought it was funny“

    12:00 AM — A teenage girl who asked a gay barman to "pose for the camera" before she filmed her friends kicking him to death, was today found guilty of manslaughter.The girl who can not be named for legal reasons and her co-defendants Reece Sargeant, 21, Darren Case, 18, a youth; aged 17, and the girl, aged 15 were found guilty of the manslaughter of the gay barman David Morley. They were also convicted of conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.

  • Brokeback Mountain leads gay charge on Golden Globe Awards

    The critically championed Brokeback Mountain scored seven nominations

    12:00 AM — The nominees for the 2006 Golden Globe Awards were announced from Hollywood yesterday and, as predicted, it was the year to be gay in Hollywood as gay films, performances and actors dominated the nominations.The critically championed Brokeback Mountain scored seven nominations, the most of any film, including Best Picture - Drama, Best Screenplay and a Best Director nod for Ang Lee.

  • 13th December 2005

    Ford meets with Gay leaders

    Matt Foreman, executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, said the group would ask Ford to explain why it dropped the ads

    12:00 AM — Ford Motor Company executives have agreed to meet with leaders of gay rights organizations next week to discuss allegations that the automaker's decision to pull advertisements for its Land Rover and Jaguar lines from gay publications was prompted by pressure from the anti-gay American Family Association."We look forward to the dialogue with the leadership of the gay community," said Ford spokesman Mike Moran.

  • Transsexual killer convicted of attempted rape has sentence reduced 6

    The Court of Appeal ruled that despite her serious crimes, Lawson should not be jailed forever

    12:00 AM — A transsexual who was convicted of attempting to rape a shop assistant just days after being released from prison for killing her lover, has had her sentence reduced by the Court of Appeal.Karen Lawson, aged 24, was known as Mark Jones prior to a sex change operation pleaded guilty to attempted rape in Bolton Crown Court in July of 2003.

  • 12th December 2005

    The Producers

    12:00 AM — Films based on books are commonplace. Films based on plays are likewise ten a penny. Films about putting on plays also have a long tradition in Hollywood, especially when, as here, the "putting on a show" idea provides an excuse for a number of song and dance numbers. On top of this, these days remakes of existing movies seem to be cropping up every month. But it is still rare - in fact well-nigh unprecedented - to get a film adaptation of a play that was itself an adaptation of a film that was about putting on a play.

  • School bans gay support group from advertising in student newspaper

    The editor of the school newspaper said: “Symbolically, it's a gesture against the gay community, and that's offensive“

    12:00 AM — Officials at Lampeter-Strasburg High School, Pittsburgh, USA, have stopped the distribution of a school newspaper with an advertisement by a gay and lesbian support group, and distributed it two weeks later without the ad.A teacher at the school said in an e-mail to a parent that 1,200 copies of the November edition of The Limelight newspaper were recalled because of the advertisement by the gay support group Common Roads.

  • Gay police offer accepts £30,000 in homophobia case 1

    Angela Black, representing Norfolk Police Authority and Norfolk Constabulary, said: “the police authority and constabulary strongly deny these allegations.”

    12:00 AM — An openly gay police officer that accused his force of homophobic bullying and anti-gay discrimination accepted a £30,000 out of court settlement this week.Inspector Neil Ferguson of the Norfolk Constabulary originally claimed £400,000 from the force and the local police authority over his claims to have suffered homophobia.

  • Diana fancied gay pop star George Michael- singer claims

    George Michael said the Princess of Wales was “very attracted to him”

    12:00 AM — The late Princess Diana was obsessed with gay pop star George Michael according to claims make this week by the singer.The pop star has alleged that the Princess of Wales was "very attracted to him" and that they nearly got into a physical relationship.Mr Michael said: "there were certain things that happened that made it clear she was very attracted to me. There was no question."

  • 3.6 million British gays – government audit claims 1

    In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay

    12:00 AM — Government officials have this weekend revealed that 3.6 million British people are gay or lesbian.In the first national quantification of the gay population, the Treasury have found that 6% of the country is gay.The Treasury conducted the estimate to assess the financial impact of the introduction of the Civil Partnership Act this month.

  • 9th December 2005

    Comment: If Robbie Williams thinks it’s ok to be gay, why sue for libel? 8

    Peter Tatchell writes: “Robbie comes across as two-faced“

    12:00 AM — Peter Tatchell of gay rights group OutRage!considers why Robbie Williams took the decision to sue over allegations relating to his sexuality.Whatever Robbie Williams' intention, his legal action has created the impression he thinks it is shameful to be gay. If he sees nothing wrong with being gay, why did he sue for libel?

  • Appeals court continues ban on gay marriage in New York

    The Appeals court found that Justice Doris Ling-Cohan was wrong to find that denying gay marriage was unconstitutional

    12:00 AM — An appeals court has thrown out a ruling that would have allowed gay couples to marry in New York City, saying it is not the role of judges to redefine the terms 'husband' and 'wife'.The state Supreme Court's Appeals Division ruled 4-1 that Justice Doris Ling-Cohan was wrong to find that denying gay marriage was unconstitutional.

  • Gay HIV man convicted of transmitting the virus

    Mark Reid was found gulity of transmitting the HIV virus with intent

    12:00 AM — An HIV-positive gay man who told a sexual partner he was negative and then infected him has been convicted of deliberately transmitting the virus.Brisbane District Court convicted 37-year-old Mark Reid of transmitting the HIV virus with intent yesterday and is due to be sentenced shortly.

  • 8th December 2005

    Gay Conservative appointed Shadow Trade Industry Secretary

    Mr Duncan is seen regularly out on the London gay scene

    12:00 AM — The Conservatives' first openly gay MP has been appointed the Shadow Secretary of State for Trade Industry and shadow cabinet member responsibility for equality.Alan Duncan, the 48 year old MP for Rutland Melton was handed the Trade Industry portfolio following the reshuffle carried out afterDavid Cameron's election as leader of the Conservative Party and Her Majesty's Opposition.

  • AIDs campaigner found dead after abduction in Jamaica 1

    Police are continuing to investigate the whereabouts of the four assailants

    12:00 AM — A Jamaican AIDs activist was abducted and murdered by gunmen on theeve on Worlds Aids Day, it emerged this week.Police in the Caribbean Island confirmed that least four assailantsforced their way into home of Steve Harvey (30) when he returned fromwork around 1 a.m. They tied up him and two people staying with him,before stealing a number of their possessions, and then abducting the activist in his company car.

  • 7th December 2005

    Just Like Heaven

    12:00 AM — Yet another one of those films where you can just imagine the studio execs hammering out the pitch, which can't have been anything other than, "Ghost, but with the genders reversed - and it's a comedy!"Yep, whereas 1990's Ghost featured the living Demi Moore doing the whole love thing with the ghost of Patrick Swayze, helped out by a female medium, here we get the living Mark Ruffalo falling in love with the ghost of Reece Witherspoon, helped out by a male psychiatrist. And on top of that, they've chucked in the When Harry Met Sally idea (in itself pinched from Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing) that on first meeting, they hate each other

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