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Ireland to consider gay marriages

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue, RainbowRED Organi 31 Aug 2007, 8:05pm

    The very best you can say about Irish President Mary McAleese is that she may mean well. She’s definitely got good staffers – they listened when gays and lesbians pointed out the links between anti gay hatred and suicide among young men. She daringly opined that there ‘appeared’ to be an attitude which encouraged bullying of all sorts and the deeply hurtful abuse of gay people. What she can’t and didn’t say is that the bullying and abuse can be traced directly to the doorstep of the roman catholic cult and their anglican catholic little brothers. There, Sunday after Sunday, the raving lunacies of the dark ages are let loose again and again. Among the worst of these is the compulsive hatred of gays and lesbians. It’s at the root of bullying, beatings, harassment, murder and suicide. If Mary McAleese should ever want to be considered a genuine leader she can do some of the following things: Every time there’s a beating or murder arrest a few priests and couple of bishops and put them to hard labor for life. Every time a denied abortion results in death arrest a dozen nuns and make them pass out condoms in schools for life. As soon as the Brit Army of occupation gets out of Ireland send the Garda Síochána na hÉireann to Belfast, arrest the leaders and activists of the antigay terrorist Paisleyites, give them fast fair trials and put them up against the wall. No Blindfolds. When vacancies occur in the courts, the public prosecutors office or the Garda appoint gay, lesbian or Sinn Féin activists to fill them. In other words, Mary McAleese, get real.

  2. And I thought that the churches were empty? Whom do they ‘spew this hate’ to?

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