Lithuania looks towards banning gay marriages

Lithuania looks set to follow Latvia in banning gay marriages after the Chairman of the country’s legal committee labelled them as unconstitutional.

Julius Sabatauskas, a Social Democrat MP and chairman of the parliamentary legal committee made the declaration that gay marriages will be unconstitutional.

Mr Sabatauskas told the national news agency: “The Civil Code gives a comprehensible definition of marriage with a person of the opposite sex. The Civil Code defines marriage as a voluntary agreement between a man and a woman to crease [sic] legal family relations between a woman and a man, as stipulated by law.”

Mr Sabatauskas claims that a petition being conducted by Irena Degutiene, a Conservative MP, to ban gay marriage is unnecessary due to the definition of marriage contained in the constitution.

Earlier this month, Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga overcame personal objections to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages from occurring.